3PL Services

We have different supports that cover labeling, packaging, kit assembly, and JITS.
The importance of labelling lies in the traceability of your products. A&T personnel ensure that your parts, materials or products are marked and / or labeled for shipment according to the identification Label.
Products Supplied by manufacturers usually have a standard packing plan. Our staff take care of the arrangement and packing of materials, products or parts against damage and contamination to ensure the quality of your shipments.
A&T´s kitting service allows you to have a ready set of separate in a single package and speed up the assembly process.

Sequencing Service
/JIT Just in Time Service

If you need effectively manage inventory, A&T is the right supplier! We support original equipment suppliers (OEM) such as tire and battery manufactures, or we manage the finished product from both Tier 1 and 2 supplier’s plants, supplying the necessary material at the exact moment of its use.